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Metabolic Cooking Review

If you have tried numerous diets for weight loss but did not get anywhere, you should try "Metabolic Cooking" because it provides methods of cooking that will primarily boost your metabolism, leading to greater weight loss and better energy for the day without starving yourself or taking diet pills that do not work. Customers who purchased this book mentioned that they liked the fact that they can prepare these meals in a quick manner, particularly those who work busy schedules. The author of Metabolic Cooking says that most fat loss recipe books do not work for several reasons. Many of these recipe books are designed with low metabolism ingredients such as sugar, butter and high-calorie sauces. Another reason is that the recipes do not allow for quick and healthy recipes.

What Is Great About Metabolic Cooking

According to customers, one of the best things about Metabolic Cooking is that it utilizes ingredients that will boost rather than slow down your metabolism such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins such as chicken. The book also helps you defeat Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. This happens when you reach a point on your diet where your body becomes adjusted to what you eat on the diet, leading to a weight loss plateau. Metabolic Cooking changes this by including recipes that have diverse nutrients in them so that your body's metabolism will increase.

High Calcium Foods Boost Metabolism

In the book Metabolic Cooking, the author stated that high-calcium foods are important in boosting your metabolism rate and this is why you should cook with calcium-rich foods such as dairy products and leafy green vegetables such as spinach and collard greens. When you prepare meals with high-calcium foods, avoid the use of excess sodium and sugars since it will slow your metabolism rate.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

If you are going to be successful with the Metabolic Cooking book, the author says that you should not skip breakfast because this gives you the energy for the day and and when preparing breakfast you should focus mostly on lean proteins and fruits as well as a low-fat dairy product such as reduced fat yogurt.

Increasing Protein Intake

Another thing the author mentioned in the book was increasing your protein intake in your meals so you can boost your metabolism rate. You will need to calculate how much protein you need and you can do this by multiplying your current weight times the recommended amount of daily protein you need. After you do this you will need to increase the proteins in your cooking. In your vegetable salad, add a can of tuna or salmon to it. When you make chili, add more ground turkey and beans than normal. In the morning eat eggs and drink a protein shake.

Foods With Negative Calories

Negative calories are calories that make it easy for the body to digest and this causes a speed in the metabolism because those foods have very few calories. These foods include broccoli, onions, celery, green beans and grapefruit. If you cook more meals with negative calorie foods, you will see the fat in your body decrease as you exercise to lose weight.

Other Foods That Boost Metabolism

The author of Metabolic Cooking mentioned on her website that one of the main reasons why traditional low-fat cookbooks do not work is because the recipes do not have metabolism-burning ingredients and here are other foods that boost metabolism and burn fat. Apples are high in fiber and this means that your food will digest slower and you will burn enough calories for the day. Oatmeal and hot peppers are also good metabolism-boosting foods you can cook with.

Drink More Water and Eat More Produce

According to the author of Metabolic Cooking, you want to drink more water and incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your meals since these foods are important in burning and keeping off fat as well as speeding up your metabolism. The book also includes quick and delicious recipes with fruits and vegetables for those who find it boring to eat these foods.

Grill Your Meats Rather Than Fry Them

Another way to boost metabolism through cooking properly is to grill or bake your meats rather than fry them because when you deep-fry the meats, you lose most of the nutrients from the meats and you need these nutrients to gain energy and lose weight. Some good examples include grilled turkey burgers with horseradish sauce, roasted chicken with green beans and spinach soup with vegetables.

Eat Metabolic Friendly Snacks

The author of Metabolic Cooking also has some quick and healthy snack recipes that will boost your metabolism and burn fat such as homemade granola bars and trail mix. She says that you want to eat small metabolic friendly snacks throughout the day to curb your appetite.

Spice Up Meals

Customers who purchased this book also said that they were surprised to learn that cooking with spices is a good way to boost metabolism and burn fat throughout the day. This books includes several recipes that are influenced by cultures that enjoy spicy cuisines such as Asia, Latin America and parts of Europe. These dishes also include other metabolic friendly ingredients such as lean meats and seafood..


Metabolic Cooking has been a favorite by customers because it offers an alternative to the tired and mundane way of cooking for weight loss. Some customers who purchased this book said that they noticed a change in their bodies when they started exercising and utilizing the methods for proper cooking. One customer liked the recipes so much that he eventually cut out fried foods and refined flours from his diet, and he feels and looks better. When you use this book you will understand the real reasons why slow metabolism happens and you will find the solutions without the use of diet pills or starvation diets.

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